Car Protection Packages

Choosing A Protection For Your Car Be Confusing Without The Help Of An Expert. Here Are Some Tips...

Complete Car Protection

New car protection packages are getting more popular because people are realising that it is well worth investing on keeping your new car spic and span. The resale value your car will be greatly increased if you protect your paint and interior from harmful UV rays and likewise, natures harsh elements that attack our cars everyday. Our new Ceramic Paint Protection can save you time and money in the long run as well as the added benefit of driving a sleek looking car. Your paint work will have a shine that will get you compliments from total strangers.


As well as Window Tinting, we offer a range of quality products to ensure complete car protection for your vehicle.


First of all, we understand that you love your car and want to keep it in show room condition. This is why we offer professional NEW car protection services that will protect your car. At We Tint Windows, we all love our own cars too and use the same protection, because we know it works.

The benefits of Car Protection Packages for your vehicle:

  • Saves you money – applying our car protection package provides you with added resistance to damaging sources, like young children and pets. Ensuring better resale value. Bat and bird droppings won’t become expensive disasters.
  • Saves you time – Less washing, no waxing and polishing! Retains the value of your vehicle, all the while, keeping it looking as new as possible.
  • Gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction – above all knowing your pride and joy is cared for.
  • Peace of mind – protected by a warranty backed maintenance system.
  • Complete Car Protection – 24/7  total car protection against the outdoor elements and every day spills. It’s the most affordable way to make sure your vehicle not only looks its best but also maintains a better value over time.

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