Leather Protection

Car Leather Protection: Brisbane and Logan

Keeping your leather & vinyl looking new is an essential part of a complete car protection.

Leather protection is the best way to protect you leather from being prone to the effects of the sun, especially your dashboard. Without proper protection that can easily dry out, crack and fade. Deteriorating in looks quickly.

We have a specially formulated vinyl and leather protection application that will increase the lifetime of your interior. It is important to protect your interior in order to keep your vehicle looking nice, retaining that “new” look for years to come.


Leather Protection for resistance from the sun, dust and dirt.

As your dashboard is exposed to the sun the majority of the time, it is the first to show signs or wear. Our specially formulated application will help to protect your dashboard from the suns harmful effects.

Once we have applied our vinyl and leather protection keeping your interior is as simple as one wipe with a damp cloth or chamois. Additionally, it will create an anti-static surface, preventing dust from sticking to the surface which makes cleaning a breeze !


Car Leather Protection: Brisbane and Logan - Sun Protection


Benefits of Leather & Vinyl Protection:

  • UV protection against fading and discolouration
  • Anti-static and water repellent
  • Non-stick, non-greasy, and low sheen
  • Prevents any cracking or hardening
  • Our Leather Protection is under a 10 year warranty

Car Leather Protection: Brisbane and Logan

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