Car Fabric Protection & Carpet Protection

Car Fabric Protection

Car fabric protection is the easiest way to protect your car from unsightly stains. Prevention is better than a cure, moreover, keeping a spotless interior will give you a sense of pride. There’s nothing better than hoping in a nice clean and stain free car. Not to mention, our fabric protection also has Antimicrobial properties to prevent mould and and unnecessary fungal growth. Which also kills and inhibits growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

Car Fabric and Carpet Protection: Brisbane and Logan

Keeping the interior of your vehicle looking new is an essential part of a complete car protection

Keeping the interior of your vehicle looking new us an essential part of a complete car protection. Not only do you need to consider the impact of the elements outside, but also the elements inside. Our car fabric protection & Carpet Protection will keep your interior in pristine condition. Your fabric, carpet and upholstery are at the mercy of people, children, pets, food and drink. Accidents happen, so why worry about them when you can be assured that any spills or marks can be easily removed.

Car Fabric protection and Carpet Protection: Brisbane and Logan

Spills, stains and grime

Car Fabric Protection creates a resilient and effective stain barrier that will help to prevent accidental spills and stains from ruining your interior. Our specially formulated application will allow the stains to easily be mopped up without it sinking into the fabric.

Carpet Protection

Protecting your cars carpets from the dirt and dust introduced from shoes is imperative. Considering that rainy days can wet the dust and turn it to mud and without Carpet protection, you carpets could need replacing prematurely.

Benefits of Car Fabric Protection:

  • Repels liquid, dirt, food and perspiration
  • Includes protection for your carpets and matts
  • Protects against grease and grime
  • Conditions materials
  • Anti microbial properties
  • Ideal for families and pets
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • 10 Year warranty

Car Fabric and Carpet Protection: Brisbane and Logan

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