What Are The Different Types Of Car Window Tints?

At We Tint Windows, Brisbane, we offer a wide range of car window tinting options. Because we have so many tinting choices, some people find the decision making process a little daunting. So if you want to know about the different types of car window tints, let us explain them for you.

Below we’ve summarised each of our car window tints and highlighted the differences and special features. This will simplify the process for you, and help you make an informed decision.

Our car window tints include:

  • Black tint
  • Metallic tint
  • Cool tint
  • Budget tint
  • Coloured tints
  • Commercial 20% tint
  • Crystalline tint
  • Graphics in tint
  • Privacy tint
  • UV clear tint.

All our tints come with a written lifetime warranty (apart from coloured tints that are dye-based). So in terms of choosing from all the different types of car window tints, you can’t make a bad decision.


Black tint is the darkest legal tint on the market for non-commercial vehicles.

With black tint, the amount of UV light and glare coming through your windows is vastly reduced. This means your car interior will stay much cooler in the Brisbane heat.

Black tint is also non-metallic and won’t interfere with your radio signal or mobile reception.

Find out more about our black tint.


Metallic tint acts like a heat shield, blocking more of the sun’s heat than any other tint.

This grey coloured tint will also protect your car interior extremely well from damaging UV rays.

For an even lighter tint with the same heat rejection, we also offer 3M Metal Tint.

Find out more about our metallic tints.


Cool tint is one of our most popular tints. It’s effective at blocking heat, glare, and UV, and is very affordable.

Cool tint definitely make your car look cool and feel cooler. And that’s always a plus in Brisbane.

Find out more about our cool tint.


If money is your number one concern for a car window tint, then our budget tint is for you!

But ‘budget’ doesn’t have to mean cheap and nasty. Our budget tint is still a high-quality tint and will outlast any other budget tint on the market.

Budget tint is still very effective at blocking heat and UV light.

Find out more about our budget tint.


If you want to give your car a touch of flare, check out our coloured tints. They can really enhance the overall look of your car while providing great heat and UV protection.

We have a range of colours available, including red, green, blue, silver, and pink.

Find out more about our coloured tints.


20% tint is only legal for commercial use. The purpose of this tint is to prevent anyone seeing into your vehicle. This is important for privacy as well as protecting your property and intellectual property.

This tint is illegal for road use on non-commercial vehicles.

We also have commercial tints available in 15% and 5%.

Find out more about our commercial 20% tint.






The beauty of crystalline tint is that it blocks heat very effectively while allowing a lot of light into your vehicle. This keeps your car cool but not too dark.

This tint is very popular with owners of luxury vehicles who want to keep their original look.

Find out more about our crystalline tint.


Graphics in tint is a special service we offer that allows you to add a pattern to your car tint.

We have a number of popular prints to choose from, or you can have a custom decal made.

Find out more about our graphics in tint.


Privacy tint is made to match the tint of your car. It’s not as dark as privacy glass, but is as close as you will legally get.

We can match up your privacy tint colour with your car’s colour in less than an hour.

Find out more about our privacy tint.


Do you want a cooler car and UV filtering without looking like you’ve tinted your car? Then UV clear tint is ideal.

It won’t change the colour of the glass on your vehicle, but will provide many of the same benefits of a darker tint.

Find out more about our UV clear tint.

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