Mazda CX5 after Cool Tint Application

Cool Tint

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For those of us on a budget, our Cool Tint may be the best option.

This is one of our most affordable car tints & it is very popular with our customers.

This automotive window film will cool your car, darken your windows and protect your interior and family while not breaking the budget.

Cool Tint has a visual light transmission (VLT) of 35%. This level means 35% of normal light is allowed through your  tinted windows.

This car tint is also known as: VLT 35%


Benefits of Cool Tint:

  • Looks and feels cooler
  • Reduced heat up to 45%
  • Reduced glare up to 50%
  • Huge U.V. Protection – up to 95%
  • Written Lifetime Warranty



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