3M Metal Tint


If you want a car window tint with very high heat rejection then go with the 3M Metal Tint – up to 60% heat rejection. Although if your vehicle is fitted with a radio antenna in the rear screen then this tint may cause interference with your radio reception. Especially your AM reception. I this is the case we can either tint your rear screen with a non-metal tint or you can choose another tint for the entire vehicle to be tinted in. We make sure that we give you all the information needed to make the perfect choice for your car tint. We are a Licensed 3M application center. (Certified).


Lighter Looking Than Most Legal Tints.

Some of our customers are not too keen on a dark looking tint for their car and the 3M Metal tint is an excellent choice for these people. While still maintaining a high heat rejection it also will give your car a sleek and luxurious look without breaking the budget. Our 3M Crystalline is also another lighter looking tint with very High heat rejection.


3M Metal Tint Is Affordable Too.

If you are on a tight budget this tint is very good value for money. Its not the cheapest tint around but it is very well priced considering the high quality of the window film. It won’t break the bank and hopefully your partner may even compliment you on your wise decision. It also comes with a Written Lifetime Warranty.

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