Crystalline Window Tint

Crystalline Tint, 3M Window Film, Clear Tint: Brisbane & Logan
Crystalline Tint – Lexus


This tint eliminates heat while allowing as much light as possible to enter your vehicle.

Crystalline Tint has a reflective appearance, and will help to keep your car nice and cool.

It is a  very thin, clear tint that rejects 60% of all heat entering your vehicle and provides up to 99% UV Protection from the Sun’s rays. 

Our Crystalline Tint has a visual light transmission (VLT) level of 40%.

This tint is also known as: High Performance Tint, Best Quality Tint, 3M Crystalline Tint, 3M Window film, Clear Tint


Benefits of Crystalline Tint:

  • Doesn’t alter the appearance of your vehicle. Commonly selected by owners of brand new luxury vehicles as this tint keeps your car in the condition you bought it.
  • Rejects as much heat as our darker tints.
  • 99% of all UV light is stopped and unable to enter your vehicle through your tinted windows
  • Your visibility at night isn’t affected
  • Non-metallised tint so no signal interference for any of your mobile, radio and handheld devices.
  • Written Lifetime Warranty



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