Black Window Tint

Black Tint / Film - Black Car Window Tint: Brisbane & Logan

As the Darkest Legal Tint on the market for apassenger vehicle, the Black Tint will offer you the darkest look for your vehicle.

Please note: new laws now allow 20% tint on the rear and side windows behind the driver provided you have a rear view mirror on each side of the car. See more here about our darkest legal tints

Our Black Tint will help to keep your car nice and cool, reducing the amount of glare and UV light coming through your windows. This means your skin and valuables will be protected much more than a standard tint.

In comparison with other films, this dark and edgy carbon-based non-metallic tint won’t interfere with your radio signal or mobile reception. Most new cars today have their antenna fitted into the rear screen. This is definitely a consideration you may not be told about elsewhere.

The darkest legal level of tint varies from state to state, our friendly and experienced staff can provide advice regarding the darkest legal tint that can be applied.

This car window tint is also known as: Dark Tint, Jet Black Tint

Benefits of Black Tint:

  • Rejects heat by up to 50%
  • Glare Reduction of up to 65%
  • Prevents fading: provides up to 99% UV Protection for your car interior
  • SPF 50+ – enjoy the benefits of a tint that reduces your exposure to the Sun’s harsh UV rays.
  • Non-metallised so no signal interference for your mobile phones or radio.
  • Written Lifetime Warranty

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