What’s the difference between car window tint and privacy glass?

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What’s the difference between car window tint and privacy glass? Privacy Tint, Factory Tint, Matched Tint: Brisbane & Logan

What’s the difference between car window tint and privacy glass?

Are you looking to darken your shade of car windows but not sure of the best way to do it? One thing we get asked about regularly is the difference between car window tint and privacy glass. So, we thought we’d explain the difference between the two here in our blog. But if you’d like to find out more, you can always drop by We Tint Windows in Brisbane, or give us a call.

What is privacy glass?

Privacy glass (sometimes called ‘factory tint’) is a special type of glass that has been darkened at the factory by an automotive company. Instead of using a window film, the glass itself is dyed with pigment.

Privacy glass is commonly placed on a car’s back windows, and sometimes a thin strip is applied to the windscreen. But certain laws apply in each state that prevents you using privacy glass across your whole windscreen. This is to promote better safety by allowing you to see properly (especially at night), and to help police identify drivers.

Privacy glass, like the name implies, provides a higher standard of privacy for you, your passengers and your possessions. It also blocks out some light from the sun.

Can privacy glass be installed after purchase?

Most cars with privacy glass are fitted in the factory as part of the manufacturing process. However, if you decide later on that you would like privacy glass fitted to you car, you can contact the factory and request some be made.

Having privacy glass custom made after you’ve purchased your car can be expensive, which is why many people instead opt for a privacy tint.

What is privacy tint?

What’s the difference between car window tint and privacy glass? Privacy tint

At We Tint Windows, we offer a special tinting service called privacy tint. This is as close as you will get to the look and feel of factory-produced privacy glass.

If you’re concerned about sunlight affecting your skin (or valuables), we also offer a UV clear tint option.

Our privacy tint will perfectly match the shade of your new car’s privacy glass. For example, if privacy glass was only used on your rear windows, we can match it with a privacy tint on your front windows.

What is car window tint?

A ‘car window tint’ refers to the brand, manufacturer or type of tint film applied to a car. It can also refer to the shade and percentage of the tint (e.g. 20%, 15%, 5%).

Car window tinting involves the application of a window film to the inner side of the glass. This film will darken the window as well as reduce the amount of glare, heat and UV rays.

What car window tints are available?

Lots! At We Tint Windows, there are many car window-tinting options for you to select from. If you’re on a budget, we have cheaper options, and if you want top of the range, we have high-quality options too!

View a full list of our car window tinting services.

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