Dark Tint – 3m Black 20% On Van

Dark Tint – Illegal Tint

So, you want dark tint? If you’re looking for some privacy for your commercial vehicle and you need a very dark tint? Why not try the 3M Black 20% (illegal for passenger vehicles but totally legal for the rear windows of commercial vehicles) Our Black Tint is our darkest looking legal option.


We get a lot of people calling us wanting to put very dark tint on their cars. They are usually wanting a 20% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) or even the darker 50% VLT. Although it is illegal for road it is not illegal for us to tint your car in an illegal tint. Having illegal tint on your car can give your car a ‘pimped’ look but it  has three down sides.

  1. Firstly it can make it harder to see out of your dark tint at night and visibility can be poor when it is raining at night. Especially when you have 05% tint on the front two doors.
  2. It is illegal and you can have problems with Police such as being told to remove it within a few weeks and going back to the police to show them that it has been removed. If it is not removed within the time frame told it will come with a several hundred dollar fine. Here is an article from the ‘My Police Moreton’ (QLd) regarding tint laws.
  3. There have also been cases in the past where Car Insurance Companies have not paid insurance claims as the tint fitted to the vehicle is illegal therefore making the car unroadworthy and voiding any claims made. These cases are rare but do happen.

We do not recommend putting illegal dark tint on your car but our customers are always right at our tint shop so if you still want your dark tint after reading the problems associated with it then we can still do it for you. You will need to sign a disclaimer for us first.

Contact Us to today to have your Windows tinted with Dark Tint. You can also see examples of our work on Houzz and Pinterest.

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