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Why Tint Your Car Windows: It’s Not Just About Looking Like a Yuppie or a Gangster

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Tinting your car windows isn’t just about changing the way your car looks. It’s true that darker windows may help facilitate an image transformation to ‘sleek, inner-city yuppie’, or ‘mysterious urban gangster’, but there are also some very important practical reasons to get your car windows tinted. These include reduced heat, glare, UV, and improved privacy and security.

If you’ve been wondering, ‘Why tint your car windows?’ then listen up yo, while we drop a few killer reasons for window tinting. Goodness, it seems we may be turning a little gangster ourselves…

1. Roast dinners are only tasty if you’re not the roast

Temperatures inside your car, particularly in Brisbane’s summer, can quickly turn it into an oven. You may have seen videos on YouTube where people have fried an egg on their dashboard, or you may have even tried it yourself. Let’s face it—no one wants to be cooked like a roast dinner in their own car. But many are.

Window tinting can drastically reduce the amount of heat in your car. This also means you won’t be panting like a dog and leaning over into the stream of the air-con as you drive. You may not even have to crank the air con much at all. Less air con means less petrol, so you can save your cash for a real roast dinner.

2. Sunburn and skin cancers…nuff said

Think about how long your spend driving around in your car. Would you ever spend that much time out in the sun at the beach without sunscreen, a hat, and a shirt?

If your car windows aren’t tinted, you can be exposed to very high levels of UV rays while driving. This can cause sunburn and, in the long term, even lead to skin cancers. Just because you’re inside your car lookin’ pretty dope, doesn’t mean you are magically hidden from the sun. Tinting your windows can protect your skin in a big way.

3. Fading early is only cool if you’re a DJ

So you bought a sweet new ride that you’re pretty stoked with. You wash your car once a week and take great care when driving not to put a dint in the paint job. That’s great; but if you want to extend the same treatment to your car’s interior, you should get your car windows tinted.

UV rays from the sun can cause the interior of your car—as well as anything left on the seats—to fade well ahead of its time. And everyone knows it’s only cool to fade out early if you’re a DJ.

4. The future is so bright you need shades

Glare inside your car is not only painful to your eyes; it can also be potentially dangerous. Picture yourself driving along listening to your favourite bangin’ tune, when the sun unexpectedly emerges from behind a cloud, sending blinding light and glare into your car. As you reach for your fresh shades, and start to wonder if you’re already at the pearly gates, you take your eye off the road for a moment…. In these scenarios you could very quickly end up with a much bigger problem than glare.

By getting your windows tinted, you’ll reduce glare. You can do this on the front windscreen by adding a strip at the top (you can’t legally tint your whole windscreen).

5. Keep the Paparazzi at bay

If you’re planning on using your car as a sweet love machine, to harbour fugitives or, you know, sleep in, we’d suggest covering your arse first—quite literally. Tinting your car windows is the best way to improve your privacy.

You never know when the Paparazzi are going to suddenly find your life photo-scandal worthy. And it also might be nice to keep Mum and Dad from knowing all the gritty details of your life. Translation: dark windows are your friend.

6. ‘Hey, come steal this thing from my car!’

If you leave valuable items in your car—in clear view—and your windows aren’t tinted, you’re basically saying to would-be criminals who are passing by, ‘Hey, come steal this thing from my car’. Sure, it’s a sad indictment on modern society, but sometimes you have to think like a criminal to protect yourself from them.

Tinting your windows makes it much more difficult to see into your car, especially if you choose a dark tint. Tints also make glass stronger and more shatterproof. So if someone does decide that they really want the MacBook Air that’s sitting on your back seat, they’ll find it very difficult to smash your window. Ergo, you just out-gangstered the gangster.

Check out our car window tinting options

If you’d like to tint your car windows—and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to after reading this post?—contact us at We Tint Windows. We have a huge range of tints to choose from—there’s one for every budget and image transformation.

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