What is the most popular car window tint for our tinters?

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What Is The Most Popular Car Window Tint For Our Tinters?

What is the most popular car window tint for our tinters?

Are you thinking about getting your car windows tinted? Do you need a little help deciding which tint is right for you? You may be interested to know what the most popular car window tint is for our tinters at We Tint Window, Brisbane. In other words, what tints do our professional tinters prefer to put on their own cars?

Of course, what our tinters like in terms of car window tints might not meets your specific needs, but it’s always good to know what people in the industry themselves choose, isn’t it? It can give you a good insight into which tints are the best quality and have the most popular features.

Why Black Tint is the most popular car window tint for our staff

Most of our tinters at We Tint Windows prefer Black Tint when they are tinting their own car windows. Why? This tint offers a number of great benefits. For example, it is the darkest legal tint (for non-commercial vehicles) on the market, and offers a very high UV rating. Black Tint will do the best job of all tints in protecting you and your passengers from damaging sunlight, keeping your car cooler at the same time.

What are the benefits of our Black Tint?

Black Tint has a number of great features, including:

  • 50% less heat inside your car
  • 65% less glare inside your car
  • 99% UV protection that prevents your car interior from fading
  • SPF 50+, which looks after your skin as you drive, minimising your exposure to UV rays
  • no signal interference for your mobile phone or car stereo / radio
  • a written lifetime warranty.

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Find out more about our Black Tint, a very high-quality product manufactured by 3M.

What our more ‘daring’ tinters choose to tint their car windows


Some of our tinters who like to ‘live on the edge’ prefer the illegal version of our Black Tint. It’s not illegal for us to apply these tints to your car (or ours)—it only becomes illegal once you drive your car on the road. But that doesn’t seem to deter our staff applying it to their own cars.

Of course, this extra Dark Tint is very much legal for commercial vehicles to use.

Our tinters aren’t worried about the potential of being pulled over by the police and told to take their illegal tint off. Why? Because they know how to expertly tint a car and it won’t cost them much to change their tint over to a legal tint if instructed.

From what we understand, if you are pulled over by the police in Queensland, they will instruct you to remove your illegal tint within a certain timeframe. If you don’t provide evidence of removing the tint within that timeframe, they will issue you with a fine.

Find out more about our illegal Black Tint, including its positives and negatives.

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If you have any questions or concerns about our Black Tint or illegal Black Tint, contact us. We’ve had years of experience with these tints and can talk to you about the details of these products.

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