How to Reduce Heat in Your Office Without Air Conditioning: 4 Types of Window Tint to Choose From

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How to reduce heat in office without air conditioning

How to reduce heat in office without air conditioning

Offices can get really hot and stuffy during the summer months, especially for those of us who live in Brisbane. So to avoid an office space turning into an oven, many businesses simply crank up the air conditioning to high, only to get a rude shock when the electricity bill arrives. But there are ways to reduce heat in office without air conditioning. And the most effective is to tint your office windows.

At We Tint Windows, we can help you choose the ideal tint for your office to reduce heat and save you money on air conditioning.

Why tint your office windows?

As far as reducing heat in your office goes, tinting your windows is the simplest and most cost-effective way to make a dramatic difference. In fact, tinting your office windows offers numerous benefits to business owners as well as employees and visitors.

If you’ve ever had your car windows tinted professionally, you’ll know how much it can improve your driving comfort. And the same principles apply to office spaces.

Benefits of window tinting your office

By tinting your office windows you can:

  • reduce heat entering your office
  • block glare and UV rays
  • control how much sunlight enters your office
  • reduce your need for air conditioning
  • save money on electricity bills
  • prevent objects in your office from fading
  • protect your staff and visitors from sunburn
  • improve productivity by making your office a more comfortable place to work.

Why choose our window tints for your office?

We Tint Windows install high-quality office window tints at affordable prices. You can choose from the 4 products below to suit your needs.

One-way mirror tint (or ‘privacy tint’)

Are you looking to reduce heat in your office and increase your privacy? Then our one-way mirror tint is for you. This privacy tint can reduce heat in your office by as much as 79%. It will also block 99% of damaging UV rays.

Learn more about our one-way mirror tint for your office.

Security and safety tint

Security and safety are high priorities for businesses. This tint prevents break-ins by reducing visibility into your office and stopping your windows from shattering. And, of course, it’s very effective at reducing the amount of heat and UV rays that enter your office.

Find out more about our security and safety tint for your office.

Opaque tint (or ‘frosted glass’)

Our opaque window tint has a frosted appearance that is common on businesses shop-fronts. It’s a great way to improve privacy while reducing heat in your office.

Discover the benefits of our opaque tint for your office.

3M ceramic tint

Are you looking to reduce heat, glare and UV rays while keeping your office looking light and bright? Then our 3M ceramic tint is the right choice. This high-quality tint is capable of blocking up to 59% of heat, 80% of infrared light, and 99% of damaging UV rays. Your office will feel so much cooler, while maintaining more natural light.

Find out more about out 3M ceramic tint for your office.

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