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Does the window tint come with a warranty?

Yes, Most of our automotive films come with a lifetime warranty, which is backed by the manufacturer. It covers both product and labour in the event of the window tinting failing under normal use.

Can I purchase film and apply the tint myself?

No, It is recommended a professional install the film on your behalf as getting it ‘just right’ requires a particular skill-set and experience.

Can you tint my windows if it’s raining?

Yes, The rain or additional moisture in the air does not compromise the quality of the application.

How long does it take to tint my car?

Between two and three hours, depending on the type and size of the windows fitted in your car.

Is my car already tinted? How will I know?

You can place a white piece of paper on the inside of the window. While looking from the outside if the paper is coloured grey or brown then it is likely your car windows are tinted. Our experienced tinters will know upon inspection whether your car is tinted or not. If any film does need to be removed this will affect the price offered. It isn’t necessary for you to check for tinting beforehand, we will inform you of any additional charges and seek approval before going forward.

What can I expect to pay?

This will vary, car to car, and according to what tint you decide to use. When providing a quote we take into account the size of the car windows, how many car windows you’d like tinted, the age of the vehicle (to determine if there are any tricky door parts we need to be aware of when tinting) and whether it is currently tinted.

What films do you use?

We’re an authorised 3M installer and 3M offer the highest quality window films on the market. We would also recommend Suntek films. If you have a particular brand in mind, please let us know as we’re able to source any brands available on the market on request.

Can you tint my car darker than VLT 35?

Some places will do this for you but we highly recommend sticking to the legal limit. The main reason being that there have been cases where people have been denied insurance claims and required to repair damages worth thousands themselves. Tint darker than the legal limit can restrict your visibility at night making you more likely to be involved in an accident or near miss.

What is the darkest legal limit I can apply to my car?

The law on the darkness of your tint varies countrywide. Reduced visibility is a hazard on the roads and can be attributed to your tint if it is too dark. In Queensland, the standard is all side and rear windows must have a Luminous Transmittance (often shortened to LT or VLT = Visible Light Transmitted) of no less than 35%. This means at least 35% of light must still be able to enter the sides and rear of your vehicle after tinting. No tinting is permitted on the front windscreen except in the upper 10% of the window and out of the path of your windscreen wipers. You can refer to the Queensland Government’s Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Vehicle Standards and Safety Regulations 2010) and view the section on Window tinting for more information.

Which tint is the best for my vehicle?

Our ‘Black Tint’ is the most popular, sought-after tint and one we highly recommend to all customers. Often referred to as our ‘Darkest legal tint’ this tint also comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. Think about why you want the tint. 1. Is it to reduce glare? Consider Black Tint, Metallic Tint, Cool Tint or Privacy Tint. 2. Is it for Privacy & Security? Consider Commercial or “Illegal for Road Use” Tints, Black Tint or Privacy Tint 3. Improve the look of your car by darkening your windows? 4. Is it to cool down the car? Consider Black Tint, Metallic Tint 5. Are you on a budget? Consider Cool Tint 6. Protect your car’s interior from fading? Consider Black Tint, Metallic Tint 7. Skin protection for you and your family? Black Tint, Metallic Tint 8. Match your privacy glass? Privacy Tint, Black Tint  9. Don’t want to change how your car looks? Consider Crystalline Tint or UV Clear.

Will my tint Bubble?

Tint only bubbles when it is not made to withstand the Australian sun. Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees your tint won’t bubble.

Will my tint fade or turn purple?

Only if the tint is dye-based will it turn purple or fade. None of our films are dye-based so you can be assured that no fading or purple colouring will occur.

Can I tint my front windscreen?

No, No tinting is permitted on the front windscreen except on the upper 10% of the window and out of the path of your windscreen wipers.

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