Faded Tint Replaced: Do You Want Your Old Car Window Tint Replaced with a New Carbon-Based Tint?

Has your window tint faded? Or perhaps it is deteriorating, has bubbles, or is peeling? Then bring your vehicle to We Tint Windows and have your faded tint replaced by experts.

Replacing window tints (sometimes called ‘window stripping’) is easy at We Tint Windows. We have experienced staff that can replace your faded tint for a great price. Also, our quality tints won’t fade or go purple.

We offer a written lifetime warranty on our entire car window tint film range, as well as a100% money back guarantee on workmanship.

Thinking of trying to replace a faded tint yourself? If you’re inexperienced, we’d warn against this. We see many DIY jobs go terribly awry that eventually end up at our workshop needing to be redone. Bring it to us first and save yourself some time, money and headaches.


Practically every part of an automobile can wear out over time and may need to be replaced—including window tints. And as with most things, you get what you pay for.

But the biggest reason why tints fade and need to be replaced is because they are poor quality and made from inferior materials, such as the old dye-based tints.

Old dye-based window tints

At We Tint Windows, we see a lot of customers who want the window tint replaced on their car because it has faded. The most common reason the tint has faded is because it is has an older style tint that is dye-based.

In the image below you can clearly see the stark contrast between the new carbon-based tint (on the right) and the old dye-based tint we stuck to a white A4 piece of paper (on the left).

If you have an old dye-based window tint, we can easily replace this for you and upgrade you to a new carbon-based tint that will last a very long time.

Contact us about replacing your old dye-based tint.


How long a window tint lasts will depend on a number of factors. Generally speaking, though, a quality window tint that is installed properly should last 10 years or more.

As mentioned, all our car window tint films come with a written lifetime warranty, and we offer a100% money back guarantee on workmanship.

Factors that affect how long a window tint will last include:

  • the quality of the tint (what it’s made of)
  • whether it was installed properly
  • exposure to heat and weather
  • exposure to chemicals.

Is the window tint high quality?

At We Tint Windows, we use high-quality carbon-based tints that won’t fade or turn purple. High quality tints also won’t bubble, peel or deteriorate.

Was the tint installed properly?

We have experienced and professional staff that will install your window tint to the highest standards. If your tint isn’t installed properly, it won’t last as long.

Was your tint exposed to constant extreme heat?

Inferior window tints can fade and deteriorate if exposed to extreme heat and sunlight over a long period of time. Some dye-based tints can even show signs of fading after just a few months!

Our quality tints won’t fade or deteriorate in the sun.

Has your tint been exposed to harsh chemicals?

A lot of people don’t realise that window tints can be sensitive to cleaning chemicals. It’s recommended that you only use a microfibre cloth to clean your tint. And if you need something extra, some soapy water will usually do the trick.

Cleaning chemicals with ammonia in them (they usually look blue) can damage your tint and cause it to fade and deteriorate.


Below is an example of a faded tint we replaced for a customer from Springwood (see original tint in picture at the top of this post). The back section of the windows is now tinted with a 20% tint, which is illegal for passenger vehicles.



If you have a faded tint that needs replacing, contact us at We Tint Windows.

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