How to Reduce Heat Coming Through Your Windows With House Window Film

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Does House window tinting reduce heat in a house?

Is your house unbearably hot in summer? If so, you’re probably trying to find ways to keep it cooler. At We Tint Windows, we get quite a few enquiries about residential window tinting, and people asking, ‘Does window tint reduce heat in a house?’ The answer is a resounding, YES! In fact, it’s one of the major reasons that people tint their house windows.

How does window tint reduce heat in a house?

Window tinting for your house works in much the same way as tinting on your car windows. By blocking thermal rays from the sun, tints can reduce heat in your house.

How much does window tinting reduce heat in a house?

Depending on the type of tint you choose, the amount of heat reduction inside your house will vary. Different tints have different attributes and have been designed for different situations. So, it’s important to consider the other benefits of our window tints before deciding which tint to choose.

Other benefits of window tinting your house

There are other great benefits to tinting the windows on your house that will improve your comfort and lifestyle. A tint can also:

  • reduce glare in your house
  • lower your cooling costs
  • discourage break-ins by making it harder to see inside
  • prevent your possessions from fading and you getting sunburnt.

Our window house tints at We Tint Windows

At We Tint Windows we have 4 different types of tint for house windows that are perfect. You can read about the features of each below.

4 Types of Window Tint to Choose From

One-way mirror tint (privacy tint)

House Window Tinting Brisbane Logan

Our one-way mirror tint, also known as ‘privacy tint’, is ideal for darkening your windows and reducing the heat in your house. It can reduce heat by up to 79% and block 99% of UV light, so your skin and possessions will be protected. House window tinting privacy tint is very popular.

More info about residential privacy window tint or one-way mirror tint

Security and safety tint

Our security and safety tint will reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that come into your house. However, this tint can also help prevent break-ins by making it much harder to see into your house. And if someone does try to break in, it’s been designed to prevent your glass windows from shattering.

Learn more about our security and safety tint for your home.

Opaque tint (frosted)

The main benefit of our opaque tint is that it’s a really affordable way to give you some privacy. It can also reduce the heat in your house.

Find out more about our opaque tint for your house.

3M ceramic tint

Our 3M ceramic tint is a high-quality tint that blocks up to 80% of infrared light, 59% of heat, and 99% of UV rays. This tint looks incredible and will also allow light into your house. So you’ll feel cooler, but your house won’t be as dark as with other tints.

Discover more about out 3M ceramic tint for your house.

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