Does window tint reduce heat in a car?

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Does Window Tint Reduce Heat In Car? Keep Car Cool Brisbane

Does window tint reduce heat in car?

In Brisbane’s sweltering summer, your car can turn into an oven very quickly if exposed to sunlight. Sometimes it gets so hot you can even fry and egg on your dashboard! But unless you’re planning on opening a mobile café in your car, this isn’t very useful or enjoyable. One of our most frequently asked questions is, ‘Does window tint reduce heat in car?’ To which the overwhelming answer is yes!

Many customers come to We Tint Windows in Brisbane to reduce the heat in their car, as well as glare and UV rays. We have a range of quality tints to suit your car.

Does factory tint reduce heat in a car?

Many cars these days are tinted at the factory as part of the manufacturing process. This ‘factory tint’ will darken your windows, but it won’t reduce the heat in your car or block UV rays.

Instead of being applied as a window film, factory tint is a process where the glass on your windows is dyed with a pigment. It’s an electrical process called ‘deep dipping’. This gives the appearance of tinting but lacks many of the benefits of window films.

Does window film reduce heat in car?

Yes indeed. If you really want to reduce the heat in your car, you need a window film from We Tint Windows. We have a range of window films perfect for Brisbane conditions. We can help make the time you spend in your car as comfortable as possible—even in the middle of summer.

What types of window tints reduce heat in car?

At We Tint Windows, we have a large selection of tints that will effectively reduce heat in your car. Each has a different set of qualities and strengths, so all you need to do is decide what kind of tint you want.

For example, do you want to reduce heat while maintaining the amount of light? Or do you want to block heat and light coming into your car? And do you want your car windows to look really dark or light?


The following window tints will reduce heat in your car:

  • Does Window Tint Reduce Heat In Car? Keep Car Cool Brisbane metallic tints – these tints block more heat than any other tint
  • black tint – this is the darkest legal tint. It reduces heat, UV light and glare
  • cool tint – this tint will help keep your car cool all year round for a great price
  • budget tint – this tint is cheaper than most tints but still quite effective at blocking heat
  • commercial 20% tint – this tint is only legal for commercial vehicles and is very dark
  • crystalline tint – this tint blocks heat very effectively while letting in light
  • UV clear tint – this tint reduces heat and UV rays without looking like you’ve tinted your car.

All of these tints come with a written lifetime warranty. So you can relax in the knowledge that you’re getting a quality product that will last. You can also see examples of our work on Houzz and Pinterest.