Why Does Window Tint Bubble and How to Avoid it: At We Tint Windows we Know the Tricks of the Trade and Can Repair It

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Does window tint bubble? Car window tinting

Does window tint bubble?

If you’ve had your car windows tinted by another company, or you’ve attempted it yourself, and the film now has bubbles on it, something has gone wrong. Many people contact us after getting their tinting done elsewhere and ask, ‘Does window tint bubble?’ To which we say, ‘Well not if you come to We Tint Windows!’ Window tint will only bubble if it hasn’t been installed properly or been made to cope with the Australian sun. So if you want flawless window tinting for your car, come to We Tint Windows.

No window tint bubbles with We Tint Windows

At We Tint Windows, our number one priority is to make sure that you are happy with the finished product.

We understand that flaws like bubbles on your window tint can detract from the overall look of your car. Particularly if your car is brand new, the last thing you want is that new showroom look being ruined by poor workmanship. Our expert and professional team have years of experience in window tinting and know how to deliver a flawless finish.

But we don’t just talk the talk; we also back up our work with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee that your window tint won’t bubble.

Why does my window tint have bubbles?

If your window tint has bubbles in it, it’s likely that an inferior quality tint was used, or someone lacked the skills and experience to do it properly. In these cases, you may also discover things like dots, creases and gaps in your tint.

Window tint bubbles can trap dirt and hair

Window tint bubbles can trap dirt and hair underneath the film. So if you notice bubbles on your tint, take a closer look to make sure it doesn’t have any other nasty little surprises.

Want a money back guarantee on workmanship?

If you want a money back guarantee on workmanship, come and see the professionals at We Tint Windows. We’ll make sure that you are happy with the tint before your car leaves our workshop.

Firstly, our manager will check your tint. Once they approve it we’ll give you a call to say that your car is ready. Then, after you arrive, our manager will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the job. If you find any flaws that you’re not happy with, we offer a money back guarantee on workmanship. This means that we’ll either fix any issues free of charge, or give you your money back.

How about a lifetime warranty on window tinting?

After your car leaves our workshop, your tint job is covered by a lifetime warranty. That means you’re protected against issues like bubbles.

Contact us

If you’d like a quote on affordable and professional window tinting for your car, contact us today. We’re a bubble-free zone!

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