DIY Car Window Tinting Jobs: This is Why Attempts to Save Money Often End in Disaster

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DIY Car Window Tinting Jobs: Why a Simple Attempt to Save Money Often Ends in Disaster

DIY Car Window Tinting Jobs: This is Why Attempts to Save Money Often End in Disaster

Who doesn’t love a good DIY job? Most people enjoy being crafty, having little projects and, most of all, saving a few dollars by ‘doing it yourself’. And while this might be a good idea when it comes to painting your house or building IKEA furniture, DIY window car tinting so often ends in disaster.

So if you’re thinking about tinting your own car, we won’t try and stop you, but we will offer you these words of advice, and a warning to leave it to the professionals.

Why DIY car window tinting rarely saves you money

DIY Car Window Tinting Jobs: Why a Simple Attempt to Save Money Often Ends in DisasterYou can buy car window tinting kits quite easily. And they usually cost less than a professional tint job because you’re buying a lower grade tint, and not paying for expert application.

So let’s say you went ahead and bought that DIY car window tint and saved a few dollars. Now comes the fun part: trying to apply the tint to your car properly.

There is a reason why window tinting is a service that most people pay for—if it was really easy to get right, there wouldn’t be an industry that hired experienced experts, would there?

The main problem with DIY car window tinting is that it often ends up costing you more money in the end. Most people apply the tint incorrectly, or the finished product looks so bad that they end up taking it to a professional to get removed. And let us tell you, it’s much harder to remove a tint than to apply it!

Can you live with bubbles, hair, creases and gaps in your tint?

If you can live with unsightly bubbles, hair underneath the tint, as well as creases and gaps in your car window tint, then by all means, go ahead and DIY. But in our experience, most people can’t live with these flaws. That’s because they were hoping to improve the appearance of their car, not ruin it.

If bubbles and hair don’t sound like a big deal, think about how frustrating it can be when you apply a screen protector to your smartphone incorrectly, leaving a bubbled surface with dust particles and hair trapped underneath. This is usually enough to make most people see red—now imagine this on a much larger scale on your car, after spending a lot more money on a DIY tint.

Are you familiar with the tinting laws in your state?

DIY Car Window Tinting Jobs: Why a Simple Attempt to Save Money Often Ends in Disaster

Every state in Australia has different laws about car window tinting. These laws tell you where you can apply tint on your car and where you can’t, as well as the darkest legal tint. If you buy a DIY window tinting kit online, it may not meet the rules and regulations of your state.

In other words, next time you’re out driving, you might get pulled over by the Police who will make you remove the tint at your own expense.

Does your DIY job have a lifetime warranty?

Sometimes a DIY window-tinting job can actually look OK for a short amount of time. But soon after it starts to deteriorate in the hot Queensland sun. That’s because most DIY kits use low-grade, cheap tints that aren’t made to last or withstand our weather conditions.

When you get your car windows tinted by We Tint Windows, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty.

Come to the professionals at We Tint Windows

For a flawless car window tint done right the first time, come to We Tint Windows, Brisbane. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our high-quality products and expert workmanship.

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