Metallic Window Tint

Metallic Tint / Film - Metallic Car Window Tint: Brisbane & Logan

This legal tint has the highest heat rejection percentile because it is a metal-based film.

The thin metal layer in the metallic tint reflects the sun’s heat like a shield. It protects your car’s passengers and its interior from the damage caused by UV rays.

This tint is dark grey in colour as well as having a reflective look to it.

This is a very nice looking tint and it is sure to make you feel cooler.

It has a visual light transmission (VLT) level of 35%, this means that it is able to block 35% of the light coming through your windows.

This tint is also known as: Metal Tint, Reflective Tint, Shiny Tint, Silver Tint

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Benefits of Metallic Tints:

  • Heat rejection of up to 60% – highest heat rejection of all our tints available
  • Glare reduction of up to 60%
  • U.V. Protection of up to 99%
  • Written Lifetime Warranty


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