Our Ceramic Paint Protection provides care from the elements, giving your paintwork a longer-lasting gloss and outstanding shine. As well as a smoother surface which helps to reduce the build-up of dirt and grime. This means less washing and better maintenance of your vehicle

Market tests have shown that vehicles with our protective coating require less washing to keep it looking new, with no polishing or waxing. You can see the difference in the paintwork immediately.

Prices are a guide only: Does not included stripping off old tint and some makes and models may incur additional charges. Please contact us for clarification

Our Ceramic Paint Protection products protect against:

Image of how our paint protection protects cars

  • Road grime, dust and dirt
  • Acid rain, alkali pollution and hard water deposits
  • Bat droppings, tree sap and spills
  • Chemicals in car washes
  • UV rays from the sun
  • Salt damage





Benefits to your car or motorcycles paintwork include:

Image of our paint protection on a Renault car


    Provides an outstanding and brilliant shine

    Enhanced UV care for paintwork to prevent fading and premature ageing

Gives 24-hour care against environmental contaminants, such as; acid rain,   pollution, dirt, grime, tree sap, bird & bat droppings





Looking after your vehicle is a worthwhile investment if you want to maintain that brand new finish and retain its value. Without protecting the surface your paint is sure to fade. General road use alone exposes your vehicle to road grime, pollution, salt, dust and the Sun’s UV rays. The chemicals found in detailing products may also be at fault for any fading or deterioration you might experience later.


Minor surface damage is reversible with the correct products and proper application. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes available to replace regular washing and removing debris as soon as possible. Bird and bat droppings must be removed within the first 24hrs of occurring or the droppings will begin to eat away at the hard resin clear-coat that protects your car’s paintwork. Good protection means having a good care and maintenance routine for your vehicle. Also, using only the best, high-quality products.

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