What is the cost of home and office window tinting?

We know that window tinting offers many benefits to home and building owners, such as protection against damaging UV rays. But what are the costs involved with installing window tinting?

When determining the cost of home window tinting or the cost of office window tinting it’s a comfort to learn that our window tints have a high return on investment. This is because the tinting reduces solar energy inside your house or building, reducing the load on air conditioners. (And some tints actually help to retain heat during winter). You’ll enjoy savings on your energy bill for years to come.

In terms of the total cost of window tinting, there are two main components to consider:

  • Material (tinting film applied to the glass)
  • Labour (time it takes to install the film)

Factors affecting Cost of window tinting

Home window tinting prices and office window tinting prices alike can vary depending on a number of factors. One of these is the type of film used:

1. The type of film used

We Tint Windows offers every type of window tint available, and because the materials used to manufacture these tints vary greatly, this affects the overall price. For example, visually clear window film uses advanced technology: the film filters up to 58% of solar energy, thereby reducing the heat load on air conditioners, but still maintains the same amount of visible light in the room. It also reverts heat back in the room in the colder months, saving you money on heating. Choosing this film will cost you more.

2. Scope of project

The cost of commercial window tinting for buildings is often greater than house window tinting prices because buildings are typically larger and have more windows. The number of windows and size of windows on the building would mean there is simply more tinting product to cut and install. The amount of tinting required will affect the overall cost of your project.

3. Other factors

These factors might increase the total cost of your project:

  • Window accessibility (i.e. the use of scaffolding could cost more)
  • Removing old tint material
  • Window shape (unusual shapes, or a higher number of small panes of glass)
  • Applying film to a skylight
  • Obstructions to work around
  • Hardware/putty/paint/silicone removal or replacement

Home and office window tinting prices start as low as $39.50 per Square Meter.
With our most popular choice being around $60 per square meter.

For residential window tinting prices, the cost of the Tint applied is between $45 and $150
For commercial window tinting prices, the cost of the film can range between $39.50 and $150

Ask about warranties

Most of the high-quality films for window tinting come with a warranty from the manufacturer that you retain for your records. Residential tinting typically offers longer warranty coverage than commercial, sometimes even lifetime coverage. Keep in mind these warranties mainly apply to interior films; exterior films often have no coverage or short warranties.

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