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Home Window Tinting, Office Window Tinting: Brisbane, Logan City, slacks creek

Home Window Tinting & Office Window Tinting

There are some fantastic benefits to tinting the windows on your home or office. You can significantly reduce the amount of heat, glare, and UV rays that enter your living or work space. You can also reduce your electricity bill while making your home or office safer and more private.

If you’re looking for expert home window tinting in Brisbane, at very affordable rates, contact us at We Tint Windows on 3808 8747. We can arrange a free measure and quote for your office or home tinting. One of our experienced staff will then visit your premises and show you a range of sample tints. They can also help you choose the best tint for your space, depending on your needs and budget.

Home window tinting – the remedy for Queensland’s harsh sun

We know that you want the best for your family, and that your home is your pride and joy. So it makes sense to protect them both from Queensland’s harsh sun.

Home window tinting is a great way to reduce the amount of:

  • heat and glare inside your house
  • UV rays entering your windows
  • money you spend on cooling (air conditioning and fans).

But there are other, lesser-known benefits of home or house window tinting, including:

  • better privacy
  • reduced risk of break ins
  • UV protection for your furniture and possessions (to prevent them fading).

And, of course, just as window tinting improves the look of your car, it will also give your home a more stylish and sophisticated aesthetic.

Office window tinting – a smart business solution

As a business owner, it’s likely that protecting your building, staff, stock, furnishings, and intellectual property are important to you. And no doubt you wouldn’t mind reducing your electricity bill in the process. Window tinting is a cost-effective way to do all this and more.

By tinting your office windows you can reduce the effects of the sun, such as

  • heat
  • glare
  • UV rays.

For businesses, this is really important for a number of reasons. For example, it will allow to:

  • use less air conditioning and fans to achieve the same temperature
  • save money on electricity bills
  • prevent your stock from fading or spoiling.

But let’s not forget about what makes a business tick—people! Office window tinting will protect your staff (and any visitors) from UV rays that can cause sunburn, as well as glare that can reduce productivity.

Your home and office windows determine your temperature

Your windows play a big role in the temperature of your home or business, and we know that in the hotter months the Queensland sun can be unbearable. Tinted house windows is the best way to reduce the temperature.

So whether you want to improve the comfort of your space, cool things down, or simply protect you and your belongings from the sun, we’ll provide you with the most effective home and office window tinting products that come with a manufacturer-backed guarantee.

Our home and office window tints

Our home and office window tints feature the highest quality products available. But they won’t cost you the earth. We have tints to suit every situation and budget.

At We Tint Windows, we have access to pretty much every window tint on the market. So if there is a specific type of tint you’d like, please ask our friendly staff, and we can get it for you. Our range even includes coloured tints, if that takes your fancy.

Below are our 4 main window tints for home and office application.

3M Ceramic Tint

home window tinting, office window tinting

We are an approved 3M tint applier. If you want to cut down on heat, glare and UV rays but still keep your home or office looking and feeling bright, then the 3M ceramic tint is a perfect fit. It’s designed to make your space feel cool while allowing more natural light to filter through.

Check out our 3M ceramic tint for your home or office.

Security and safety tint

Home window Tinting, office window tinting

The two best words to calm the nerves of any home or business owner: security and safety. If these are top of your priorities, then the security and safety tint is just what the doctor ordered.

This special tint makes it hard for people to see into your home or office. It’s also really strong and is able to prevent windows from shattering if someone tries to break in. While safety and security are its forte, it’s also great at blocking heat and UV rays.

Read about our security and safety tint.

One-way mirror tint (AKA ‘privacy tint’)

Home Window Tinting, Office Window Tinting: Brisbane, Logan City

For the ultimate in privacy, check out our one-way mirror tint. It’s guaranteed to stop people seeing anything through your windows, while allowing you to see out. It’s also very effective at reducing heat and blocking UV rays.

See if our one-way mirror tint is the right fit for your home or office.

Opaque tint (AKA ‘frosted glass’)

Home Window Tinting, House, Office Tinting: Brisbane & Logan - Black Tint

If you’re after a frosted glass look for your home or business, then our opaque tint will do the job nicely. This is a very popular tint for businesses as part of their shop-front, but is also becoming popular for modern homes. This tint is great for privacy and will also reduce heat.

Learn more about our opaque tint for your business or home.

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Home window tinting prices can vary depending on a number of factors. For a free measure and quote, with no obligation to purchase, contact us today. We’ll help you choose the perfect tint for your space.

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