Commercial Window Tint

Commercial Window Tint / Film - 20%, 15% and 5%
Van with Commercial 20%


Need Commercial window tinting, or “Illegal for Road Use” tints

Our commercial tints come available in 20%, 15%, 5% and up to 0% VLT. These tints are primarily used to hide the contents of your vehicle should you have any privacy concerns.

It serves its purpose when professionally applied. All very dark tints so you can be guaranteed others will find it difficult to see your tools or equipment in the back of your van.

These tints are also known as: Vehicle Security Tint

Commercial 20% Tint Benefits:

  • Written Lifetime Warranty
  • Get up to 58% Heat Rejection
  • Up to 75% Glare Reduction
  • Up to 99% U.V. Protection
  • Written Lifetime Warranty


Commercial up to 0% also available.



More about Commercial Window Film or Tints:

Please be aware that these tints are NOT legal for road use (except where exempt by the Main Roads Department or by your Doctor or skin specialist). Some commercial window tinting applications are permitted on buses, limousines and emergency service vehicles but generally not for private-use vehicles. If you’re not sure if one of these tints might be suited to you please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

Should you go ahead with commercial tinting for private use it is up to you to find out your legal obligations of using these tints. We will not be held responsible for any issues on the matter. We do not recommend using our commercial range unless you have express written permission. Since sight is a big part of driving any reduced visibility that is more than usual will be viewed as hazardous. You may find in the event of an accident your insurance payout may be denied due to illegal tint application. Police may also find cause to fine you and you will be ordered to remove the tint at your own expense.

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