Electronic Rust Protection

Rust is one of the most damaging effects to your vehicle.

Rust will develop on any car unless it is protected. Electronic Rust Protection is the most advanced and affordable continuous rust protection on the market.

First of all, rust will only form as the result of electrons being lost from metal. Then, oxygen interacts with the remaining metal atoms to form ferric oxide (FE2O3), the common name for rust.  An electronic rust protection unit interferes with with oxidisation cycle by artificially pumping electrons into the metal. As a result this causes a surplus in electrons to avoid rust.

Electronic Rust Protection Brisbane and Logan, Car Rust Protection


electronic rust proofing

How Electronic Rust Protection works.

We achieve Electronic Rust Proofing by making a capacitor. We Tint Windows uses a specially designed pad which is attached to your paint, acting as the positive charge in the capacitor. Then the paint acts as the dielectric.  This keeps the charge in a static state (making sure electrons don’t flow away). The body of your vehicle becomes the negative charge in the capacitor, therefore giving you extra protection from the natural elements.

The Electronic Rust Protection unit is approximately the size of a deck of playing cards and runs off the vehicle battery, therefore, drawing less power than your dashboard clock. We make our electronic printed circuit waterproof, by totally encasing it with an epoxy resin, which makes much more likely to stand up to the toughest 4WD experiences.

Benefits of our Electronic Rust Protection:

  • Peace of mind when driving on the beach
  • Self diagnostic unit
  • Small and compact device
  • No maintenance or up-keep
  • Protects against damaging rust from scratches or chips in the paintwork
  • No toxic chemical smells
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 10 year warranty on the unit

Electronic Rust Protection Brisbane and Logan, Car Rust Protection

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